“Millions of pets per year are abused because of domestic violence that occurs in the homes where they live.”
- The Humane Society of the United States
“Victims of domestic violence have been known to live in their cars for as long as four months until an opening was available at a pet-friendly safe house or shelter.”
- American Humane Association
"Threats against a pet’s life cause about half of domestic violence survivors to delay leaving their abusive environment."
- Laurel Meleski, RedRover Relief program coordinator
“Up to 83% of women entering domestic violence shelters report that their partner had harmed or killed a family pet.”
– The Humane Society of the United States

Our Mission

Two at a Time is dedicated to addressing the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty. Our mission is to offer services and safe places to pets of those fleeing domestic violence in King County until reunification is possible.