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In 2017, while working on a project for Eastside Legal Assistance Program, a non-profit that provides free legal assistance to survivors of domestic violence in King County, the founder of Two at a Time, Lora Abernathy, recognized a need. While working one day she was asked by the Managing Attorney to make a few phone calls on behalf of a client in crisis. The client had recently escaped an abusive situation with a 3-year old dog and was unable to find safe shelter because she had a dog. Lora was asked to “make a few phone calls” to find a place that would take the dog on a temporary basis until the survivor was able to find a safe and stable environment.  After spending nearly four hours on the phone, Lora’s efforts were unsuccessful. Finally, one of the volunteers at Eastside Legal Assistance Program was able to talk her brother into taking the dog until reunification with the survivor was possible. The first seed for Two at a Time had been planted.

Although approximately one million pets in this country are harmed, tortured, or killed every year because of domestic violence that occurs in the homes where they live, nationwide, fewer than 1 in 8 domestic violence shelters accept pets.  As a result, concern for the welfare of their beloved pets prevents or delays over 50% of victims from escaping domestic violence, sometimes at their own peril.

Two at a Time addresses the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty.  Through a confidential network of veterinarians, foster homes, and volunteers we are committed to providing care and safe places for the pets of those fleeing domestic violence.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Ahimsa House in Atlanta, Georgia which has provided the model, mentoring, and support needed to bring Two at a Time to life.

Two at a Time

4701 SW Admiral Way, #305
Seattle, WA 98116-2340

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